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Writer's Block: Timeless tales - Even the candied hearts bleed... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Writer's Block: Timeless tales [Jan. 22nd, 2011|12:22 pm]

What were your favorite books as a child, and why?

I had a lot of favorite books growing up. Here are a few that still stand out to me.

The Phantom Tollbooth, A Wrinkle In Time, The Boxcar Children, and The Babysitters Club.
Just to name a few.

All of these are my favorite because they stood out to me and shaped what I have become.

[User Picture]From: holy_cats
2011-01-22 10:43 pm (UTC)
I loved, still love! The Phantom Tollbooth! One of my all time favorites. Along with The Little Prince and The Alchemist, of course!

I really need to reread A Wrinkle in Time! I barely remember it! :O( Been meaning to for ages! Wow I haven't though about The Boxcar books in a long time! Blast from the past!
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[User Picture]From: candiedheart
2011-01-23 04:05 am (UTC)
I haven't read either of those! But The Little Prince is my cousin Tamara's favorite book, and I've heard sooo many good things about The Alchemist, so I'll have to check that out, too.
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